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A powerful program with unlimited potential, Move Mining Next Gen will engage, enlighten and enthrall a new generation. Don’t miss this opportunity to put your organization in front of this influential and powerful age group. The future of the mining industry is in their hands, support the cause that helps us achieve greater potential.

We Love Move Mining Next Gen

$1,500 – 10 Opportunities Available

Do you love the Move Mining Next Gen program? We need you to help make it possible! Each donation to the program helps to sustain Move Mining Next Gen and promote it throughout schools and camps. Sponsoring the program will put your logo on the website and marketing related materials for the Move Mining Next Gen program.

Support the Cause
Merchandise Sponsorship

$7,500 – 3 Opportunities Available

Choose between 3 different sponsorship opportunities: Move Mining Next Gen Wristbands; Move Mining Next Gen T-shirts; and Move Mining Next Gen Water Bottles. Merchandise is available for purchase in the Move Mining Next Gen store online and will also be distributed at sponsored events and MEC attended events.

Donate to the Minerals Education Coalition (MEC)

Donations of Any Amount Welcomed

Sponsor the organization that makes Move Mining and Move Mining Next Gen possible. The Minerals Education Coalition supports and encourages k-12 mining and minerals education. Their resources, teaching materials and support enable teachers throughout the world to educate the next generation of mining engineers, geologists, scientists and more. Supporting this organization helps to sustain the quality of materials and resources provided to educators.

Want to designate your donation to Move Mining Next Gen?

When you donate, let us know and we will make sure a portion of your donation goes to the Move Mining Next Gen program.